Software for guided parallelization

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APPENTRA is a technology-based company spin-off of the University of Coruña founded in 2012. Our mission is to provide top quality software tools that allow extensive use of High Performance Computing (HPC) techniques in all application areas of engineering, science and industry.

High Performance Computing (HPC) is reckoned as a key technology for the future of industry (4.0), science and society.

Companies are using HPC to improve customer service by analyzing increasingly large volumes of customer data; mine log data to improve enterprise network security; and simulate product development to improve quality, accelerate time-to-market, and reduce development costs. These are just a few of the many more universal HPC applications that demonstrate its growing influence in the enterprise.

Today, the high potential of HPC is being hindered by a software issue.The power of supercomputers is increasingly accessible to a broader set of industrial users and the bottleneck for embracing HPC on a massive scale are the challenges of parallel programming.

The goals are to increase performance, productivity and portability. We have defined a set of products to address this challenge. They are  a new generation of software tools to help manage the complexity of High Performance Computing and release its full potential.

2016 Cluster TIC de Galicia
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