Igalia celebrates its 10th anniversary


It was 10 years ago when Igalia was established by a small group of young professionals, some of them just out of university and all of them with a growing experience in the open source software world. These computer engineers wanted to build a company in which you could feel as in an open source project. A company based on people; one that would attract talent and nurture collaboration, neutrality, independence and universality principles directly inherited from the open source software communities. Igalia was born out of these principles that shaped its structure and internal processes.

Today Igalia is composed of 44 people. It has its main headquarters in A Coruña and a smaller office in Pontevedra, while 16 people work from home in places like Barcelona, Helsinki, Brussels, Madrid, San Francisco, Boston, Ourense, Seville, Terrasa and Santiago de Compostela. The total yearly invoicing remains well above 2 million Euros, 70% of which comes from international services and projects.

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