7 cluster members participate in IBC2015 Exhibition & Conference | Amsterdam

Bahía Software, Cinfo, Egatel, Igalia, Itelsis, Tesla Technologies and Visual Publinet will showcase the potential of Galician ICT in Amsterdam, between the 10th and 15th of September 2015.

IBC 2015 Amsterdam is the largest event for creators, managers and content providers from the entertaiment sector.

At the new edition, more than 55.000 visitors from 170 countries are expected at the exhibition center; 300 speakers will share their knowledge at the conference rooms; and more than 1.700 service providers will showcase their latest innovations and technologies related to electronic media and entertaiment.

A business opportunity for Galician ICT 

CINFO [5.B18] Videocloud technology solutions  

EGATEL [8.D40] Wideband-High Efficiency TV Transmitters 

IGALIA [5.B18] Full-screen interface based on WebKit For Wayland running on a low-cost Raspberry Pi 2

ITELSIS [8.E19] New ICE series: more efficiency, more compactness, more connectivity

BAHÍA SOFTWARE, TESLA TECHNOLOGIES and VISUALPUBLINET will atend the conferences and catch on the networking opportunities that a high-lever event offers.

We hope that all the Cluster members enjoy their participation... and come back with new ideas and business opportunities!

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