Clusters Galicia, a common brand for 10 Galician clusters of excellence

The 8th of September, 10 Galician Clusters of Excellence launched a common brand, an umbrella initiative where aquaculture, agrifood, media, automotive, graphics, granite, maritime, textile and ICT sectors can work together. This is the endgame for a 4-year collaborative project that united the clusters towards a common goal.

United for COMPETITIVENESS is the initiative motto, a catchphrase tha defines perfectly the great opportunity that offers a common workspace where stakeholders from some of the most important industrial sector for Galician economy can talk and share information, good practices and launch strategic, collaborative project.

The initiative could not be possible without the support of the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (Instituto Gallego de Promoción Económica, IGAPE), the Galician Development Agency, that through ATClusters Galicia project has helped the Galician clusters on their way to be the key actor for industry competitiveness, a cluster view that shares with the European Commission.

Rosa Mendez, Manager of the Galician ICT Cluster, acted as Clusters Galicia fist spokeswoman. Following her new role, she was responsible for the coming-out for the media of the new brand, introducing the strategic union between the 10 clusters.

Clusters Galicia brand brings together one of the key levers of business development in Galicia, the network of excellence clusters that, together, reunites 9.000 businesses with an equivalent turnover of 75% Galician GPD and 20% of the employeed Galician population.

What are the benefits of a common brand?
This union allows the creation of new alliances and great boost on businesses competitiveness. WE would come closer to new market opportunities, international expansion of cluster members, and the unique opportunity of create new high-valued businesses projects.

The firs example of these alliances was the V ATClusters Internacional Conference  – III National Clusters Conference that was held on the 10th and 11th of Septembre in Santiago de Compostela. At this event, entities from many Euroepan regions and countries, like Basque Country, Wallonia, Denmark or Portugal, share their view on cluster policies and activities.

Rosa Méndez, Cluster TIC Galicia manager, showcased the main activities and projects launched by the ICT Cluster as a participant on the good practices roundtable, that bring together European clusters; as Clusters Galicia spokeswoman, she introduced the new brand before all attendees, sharing experiences with other cluster groupings and networks from all over Europe.

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